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The subject of Sex remains a big issue, particularly in our society because of how conservative we are.

It however, doesn’t take away the fact that people still indulge and engage in sexual activities. Hence, a need to keep them well informed, so they do not go out of the way to make mistakes that would harm them and their future.

It however, doesn’t take away the fact that people still indulge and engage in sexual activities.

The world contraception day is celebrated on the 26th of September every year to increase awareness and create opportunities for more focused discussions on contraception and safe sex around the world.

Contraception is/are methods employed to prevent unintended pregnancies and in some cases, sexually transmitted infections and diseases.
There are different methods of contraception and having good knowledge of them helps you make informed choices and protects you from unintended pregnancies while ensuring you practice safe sex.

Various methods of contraception.

  • Emergency contraception: This is a common practice in society as it entails using certain medications after sexual activity. It is safest to take these emergency pills within 72hours after sexual activity. However, the longer the time, the more chances of getting pregnant. It is thus not a 100% assured contraceptive method.
  • Male and female condoms: These are usually won over the penis or inserted into the vagina before sex. They help in not only preventing pregnancies, but also in preventing Sexually transmitted diseases and infections. It is however pertinent that they are used properly. They could be used with lubricants(water based) and not more than once.
  • Injectables: Are given to females and can last between 2-3months. They are effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies but usually last for a short while, thus might not be suitable if looking for a contraceptive method that would last longer. They are safe for breastfeeding mothers with babies aged 6weeks and above.
  • Implants: This contraceptive method can last between 3-5 years after which it is removed. It is a very effective method in women. It is safe for breastfeeding mothers too and women who have never had a baby.
  • Intra-uterine devices: Are inserted into the vagina and lasts between 5-10years. It can be used within 48hours of Childbirth and is safe for breastfeeding mothers.

Other methods include:
- Tubal litigation(permanent method)
- Vasectomy(permanent method)
-Exclusive breastfeeding method.

Contraception is a guide to safe sex.
Abstinence still remains the best method because it shields you completely from STIs, unintended pregnancies and a host
of other complications; however, if you cannot abstain and must engage in sexual activities, it must be done right and that is where contraception comes in.

Contraception should be as key to society as sex is. It is an important conversation we must keep having to ensure we build a culture of safe sex.

To make informed choices, people need to be aware of all available options. Continuous discussions around this topic helps make those informed choices.




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